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Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

There are several hundred new fragrances introduced annually, but you would be hard-pressed to find the great majority of them in your favorite or even not so favorite store in the year of their introduction, let alone by the second or third year of their existence. One reason is the sheer number of new introductions on top of a huge base of existing fragrances that is probably too much for the market to absorb. Imagine even the largest department or specialty store carrying all the new introductions in addition to those of just the three preceding years, including all the different sizes and line extensions, such as body lotions and bath gels. You might as well close accessory, shoe, and several other departments just to provide the space to house them and the staff to support their sale. Though by no stretch of the imagination is the lack of available space the reason for the paucity of extended retail shelf life of new introductions. Even the most incompetent retail buyers would ask for and likely get additional space for their fragrance departments if they had the sales to warrant it; however, the fact is they don’t, and that is the crux of the problem. (more…)