About Bob Continued…

He was also a founding member and president of COPIAT (Coalition to Preserve the Integrity of American Trademarks) an inter-industry association that petitioned the Administration and Congress to eliminate the gray market.

He was on the Board of Directors of Squibb from 1983 until 1986 when Charles of the Ritz was sold.

Having built a reputation as a “turn-around specialist,” he was subsequently recruited as President and CEO by the Fur Vault, a fur retailer in serious financial trouble, but the downturn in the fur business was too much to cope with and three years later the company filed for bankruptcy and its ultimate dissolution.

Bob remarried in 1989 and now lives with his wife, a psychiatrist, in New York City and Blairstown, New Jersey. Together they have five children and seven grandchildren. He retired in 1992, undertook consulting work that interested him and later began writing fiction based on his almost thirty years of experience in the fashion, cosmetics and fragrance industry.

Someone once described Bob as an intelligent man with the discipline of an accountant, the creativity of an artist and the people skills of a diplomat, at home on a factory floor, a fashion runway or the halls of Washington—a fairly accurate description.