Orgasme . . . Made in France is a real page turner! The book has everything for a fascinating read - greed,sex, life in the fast lane, international intrigue, the mob ... a feel of realism and lots of subplots that keep the action moving.

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In the course of my career, which has passed through the worlds of business, entertainment, politics and international crime, I have traveled much of the globe, experienced moments of enjoyment and frustration and encountered many fascinating people along the way. These experiences, particularly during my almost thirty year sojourn through the fashion, cosmetics and fragrance universe, provide the foundation from which the fictional narratives of my novels have risen.

International crime and fashion in one sentence may seem unusual, but consider the sidewalk vendor selling a counterfeit Louis Vuitton bag or the store selling a counterfeit Chanel No. 5. It’s so much more profitable to the counterfeit manufacturer not to bother with such irritating expenses as product Read More…

  • ORGASME . . . Made in France is based on my experiences in the development and marketing of Opium by Yves Saint Laurent with different characters conflated from persons I had met over the years and circumstances beyond those solely related to Opium.
  • SILENT PARTNERS draws its premise from the sudden and disturbing murder of the Italian designer Gianni Versace with its characters conflated from persons I had met over the years and circumstances totally unrelated to that incident.

Though highly fictionalized, both novels provide an inside look at the fashion industry from one who spent many years among its participants.